Red Kite Classes & Camp

Our unique Red Kite Classes and Camps create dynamic learning experiences for children on the autism spectrum. We aim to foster a shared arts experiences that encourage self-expression, social engagement, creative exploration, and above all, FUN!

Red Kite Curriculum

Red Kite curriculum is an adaptive theater program for young people on the autism spectrum and other neurodiverse learners. The primary pillar of our curriculum is social-emotional learning (SEL), utilizing sensory drama games to engage each student’s ability to work within a group and explore their emotional expressivity and understanding. Our classes engage in creative play and sensory experiences to encourage students to connect with their unique body, voice, imagination, and with the community around them.

Red Kite Classes & Camps

Red Kite Acting and Art: Puppetry | Fall 2021
Runs Sep 27 - Dec 6, 2021

Ages 7-11
Mondays, 4:30-5:30 PM CST at Chicago Children's Theatre, 100 S Racine
Created for young people on the autism spectrum, students in this class will take on the roles of both designers and performers. Get ready to move beyond sock puppets and explore more theatrical styles of puppetry! Kids will learn the basics of puppetry and develop their own characters, all while practicing communication and motor skills.

Red Kite Improv in Performance | Fall 2021
Runs Sep 30 - Dec 9, 2021

Ages 12-20
Thursdays, 4:30-5:45 PM CST at Chicago Children's Theatre, 100 S Racine
Designed for young people on the autism spectrum, this class will engage students in fun and challenging improv games and activities. Improvisation teaches young people how to become un-scripted storytellers and provides an opportunity to practice essential collaboration and listening skills. During the last class, we’ll play some of our favorite improv games with you!

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Learn more about our other Red Kite Project programing or head to Access Weekends to find out about our sensory friendly main-stage performances.

If you have questions regarding The Red Kite Project please contact our Inclusive Education & Programs Manager at or by calling (312) 374-8829.

The Red Kite Project is presented by The Ralla Klepak Trust for the Performing Arts.

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