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The Red Kite Project at Chicago Children’s Theatre is a series of unique and innovative programs for youth on the autism spectrum and their families, as well as initiatives and productions that make our theatrical and education programming accessible to young people with developmental disabilities and other accessibility needs.

“We are on the battlefront 24/7, it’s nice to be able to take them places that we don’t have to apologize for who they are.”
– Sharon C.

In 2006, The Red Kite Project, the opus of Chicago Children’s Theatre’s Co-founder Jacqueline Russell, paved the way as the city’s first, original theatrical and educational programming for youth on the autism spectrum. In just over a decade, The Red Kite Project has grown to international acclaim while garnering countless honors and tallying thousands of success stories. Programming includes productions, courses, camps, and residencies for children and trainings for educators that dispel myths regarding individuals with autism and their ability to fully participate in and benefit from the arts.

Additional programming expands to serve youth with a range of accessibility needs including developmental disabilities, the Blind/visually-impaired community, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth. CCT believes, and research supports, that the integration of high-quality arts programming is essential to enhanced individual development and to improved engagement in school, work, community and social settings. As detailed, The Red Kite Project includes an ever-expanding umbrella of programs resulting in new learning, self-discovery and achievement for youth on the autism spectrum and with other accessibility needs.

If you have questions regarding The Red Kite Project please contact the Director of Education & Access Programs, Sam Mauceri, at or by calling (312) 374-8829.

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