In-School Residencies

At Chicago Children’s Theatre, we offer educators the tools they need to address some of the most pressing issues facing young people today. Our unique In-School Residencies employ the power of theatre and performance to foster community, teach problem-solving and inspire collaboration among students. Our Teachings Artists work tirelessly within your classrooms to help inspire students to open their minds, speak with confident voices, and ignite in them a feeling of powerful authorship over their ideas.

In-Class Residency Program

Our In-Class Residency program offers educators a unique opportunity to have curriculum tailored specifically to their classrooms current area of study. This powerful class model will allow your students to create a story that reflects their values while deepening their understanding of topics you are already working on in class. Each residency will culminate in a unique theatrical project created by the students, giving them an important sense of authorship over what they create.

More information About Our In-School Residencies

CCT Residency Information Packet (2020-21)

If you would like to learn more about our Residency Program, please fill out our inquiry form and the Education Department will be in touch shortly.

Education Residency Inquiry Form

After-School Residency Program

Our After-School Residency Program will bring our acting class series to you. During these classes, students will devise and perform an original work using improvisations and creative play. Young performers learn to create unique characters and collaborate and create as an ensemble. Through creative storytelling, students will learn narrative-building skills they need to engage with audiences on the stage and beyond. The class will culminate in the opening (and closing) performance of student generated world premiere!

Chicago Children’s Theatre also offers onsite programming for Pre-K Educators and all-ages Camp Organizations.

Learn more about Professional Development opportunities, our Education Policies & FAQs, and our current roster of Teaching Artists.

If you have questions about CCT’s education programming please contact our Director of Education & Community Programs, Dexter Ellis, at, or by calling (312) 374-8828.

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