Access Programming

ACCESS Services

CCT is an international leader in ACCESS arts programming, dedicated to ensuring our work is truly for all children. Each production includes ASL interpreted and open caption performances, an “ACCESS Weekend” with sensory friendly performances for our neuro-diverse patrons and touch tours for audience members who are blind or low-vision. These services are available to school groups on request as well. CCT is ADA accessible; all classrooms, performance spaces, restrooms, and offices are accessible without stairs.

The Red Kite Project

CCT’s The Red Kite Project serves children on the autism spectrum with an array of productions, residencies, classes, and camps. This internationally acclaimed program has garnered countless honors and tallied thousands of success stories.

Extrasensory Theatre

CCT continues to innovate ACCESS in the TYA industry. In 2018, Jacqui Russell conceived and directed X-Marks the Spot, an “Extrasensory Sensory Theatre” experience inspired and informed by LV children at Otis Elementary. The show features a low-light setting and/or the use of blindfolds to gently encourage audiences to tune-in to their sense of touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Since its run at the theatre, the show has toured to schools and community organizations across Chicago.

Trauma-Informed Arts Education

CCT is partnering with Lurie’s Center for Childhood Resilience and Illinois Humanities to discuss and deliver high-quality support services for families experiencing trauma and its residual effects. The initiative includes discussion sessions, a public forum, and workshops, all aimed at creating a network of arts organizations and arts educators who are trauma-informed and draw upon the same strategies, best practices, curricula, and methodologies.


Each season, CCT distributes over 10,000 reduced price and free tickets to under-resourced CPS schools. 40% of children enrolled in classes and camps receive some form of financial assistance.

Learn more about our ACCESS services, including ASL Interpretation and Open Caption, sensory friendly performances, and Touch Tours for audience members who are blind or low-vision.

Learn more about The Red Kite Project, a branch of Chicago Children’s Theatre dedicated to children on the autism spectrum and their families.

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If you have questions regarding The Red Kite Project please contact our Inclusive Education & Programs Manager, Sam Mauceri at or by calling (312) 374-8829.