Montrose Point

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Montrose Point

Voiced by Harper Merrill and Cooper Merrill
Created by Shawn Pfautsch and Jessica Ridenour

Learn all about Montrose Point…from Montrose Point themself!

Montrose Point Map & Resources

About CCT Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are fun, totally original audio experiences families can listen to together while exploring different Chicago neighborhoods. Each episode was commissioned by Chicago Children’s Theatre and created by a different local theater artist, resulting in a fun and educational new audio series that children and families can enjoy together, outdoors and safely, even over the winter months, while learning more about the beautiful city they live in.

So lace up your sneakers, pop in your ear buds, and take a guided walk through some of Chicago’s most distinctive neighborhoods. Each episode is under one hour and comes with an interactive map to guide families and classroom field trips on each bite-sized journey, plus photos of top tour highlights, vocabulary keys, recommended reading and song lists, and other fun, family activities.

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Before you start…we recommend you download this walking map and resources and review it first. You may also want to bring a bluetooth speaker or some wireless headphones so everyone in the family can listen together. We recommend listening to the podcast once before venturing out on your hike. There are lots of great resources included!

Montrose Point Map & Resources

Creative Team


Chicago-based artists Shawn Pfautsch and Jessica Ridenour are excited to be back for their third Walkie Talkie for Chicago Children’s Theatre!

You may have seen Shawn on stage at The House Theatre, The Hypocrites or in Chicago Children’s Theatre’s productions of A Year With Frog and Toad and Frederick. Parents may have seen Jessica on stage at Second City or on their televisions on Chicago PD.

Harper Merrill

Harper Merrill is an 11-year-old sixth grader at Blaine Elementary. A self-described “child of novels”, when not reading a book you’ll find her singing a Broadway musical and swimming for the Lincolnwood Lightning/Iguanas. Harper has appeared on stage at Chicago Children’s Theatre for their summer camp culminating performances, along with performing at various school functions. She has also done voiceovers for Chicago Children’s Theatre special events and promotional videos. Harper values her friends, family, and dogs. She does not like jelly fish, roller coasters, and pollen. And she thanks Jacqueline Russell, Shawn Pfautsch, and Jessica Ridenour for the opportunity to be the voice of Montrose Point!

Cooper Merrill

Cooper Merrill is an 8-year-old third grader at Blaine Elementary. He enjoys sports, Godzilla movies, bike riding, and the beach. His career aspirations have spanned from feeding sharks at the Shedd Aquarium to “hyena expert,” to food critic. He is also writing a screenplay. Cooper has appeared on stage at Chicago Children’s Theatre’s summer camp performance of “Back to the Past,” as Charmander the kidnapper, as well as performing If I Had A Hammer at Blaine Does the 60’s last year. Cooper has previously done voiceover work for Chicago Children’s Theatre special events. He lives in Chicago with his parents, sister (Harper), and dogs (Luna and Milligan). Cooper thanks Chicago Children’s Theatre for this opportunity, and for allowing his sister to co-star with him!