X Marks The Spot

Conceived and directed by Jacqueline Russell
Sound and music by Paris Ray Dozier

Performances are Oct 10 at 11 am and 1:30 pm
Tickets are ONLY $10
Ideal for Ages 8 and Up

X-Marks the Spot, an all-new form of “X-Tra Sensory Theatre” created for all audiences, inspired by children who are visually impaired. X-Marks the Spot: An X-Tra Sensory Xperience uses sounds, voices, tastes, and touchable, scented props to create an all-new multisensory theater event, ideal for children and parents to experience together.

At X-Marks the Spot, audiences enter the space to find a magical, low-light, communal setting. The first surprise is how fast the other four senses jump to life, ready to take in the interactive fun soon to come. Then, actors perform a spine-tingling story about a family of adventurers using a highly choreographed series of props, sounds, tastes and smell that stimulate the senses and bring the play to life.

X-Marks the Spot: An X-Tra Sensory X-perience was conceived by Jacqueline Russell, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Chicago Children’s Theatre. The work was deeply informed by her semester-long residency last spring with students who are visually impaired at a Chicago Public Schools elementary school. It also builds on Russell’s efforts throughout her career creating theater that is inclusive of all audiences, best evidenced by her acclaimed Red Kite Project productions and camps for children on the autism spectrum. This is The Ringling’s first collaboration with the Chicago Children’s Theater.

The plot for X-Marks the Spot is loosely based on the Victorian era children’s novel Five Children & It by Edith Nesbit, which tells the clever and funny story of a family of young adventurers who discover a mischievous wishing fairy in the sand—only to learn the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.”