Chicago Loves Me

The first book in Loves Me Books series, Chicago Loves Me is a beautifully written and expertly illustrated  story of adventure!

When Mommy puts baby boy, Joey, to bed for the night the adventures with his bunny, Penelope, his  imaginary friend begins! Chicago Loves Me follows our baby boy protagonist in a magical dream series through  Chicago’s historical sites. Join Joey through this fun-filled, aspiring journey as he discovers the wonders of our  Windy City’s most notable attractions such as Wrigley Field, Lake Shore Drive, Shedd Aquarium and Soldier  Field.  

Chicago Loves Me taps into the innocence of children’s imagination and creativity with a beautifully written  story from the perspective of a baby. Together with his mommy, best friend and colorful illustrations Joey  realizes why Chicago loves him. Every historical landmark that makes Chicago so special will be sure to  captivate the parents, grandparents, caretakers & everyone who decides to embark on this wonderful magical  trip through Chicago’s most talk-about big city attractions. Parents and children will be transfixed by Joey’s  exclamations of “oohs” and “aahs” all while learning some valuable historical lessons. Joey and his fearless  friend will guide you through his eyes the true beauty of Chicago and all it’s delightful attributes.  

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