Grant Park: Sonic Love Experiment #312

Created byJavid Music Party
Announced byAnthony Lombard
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Sonic Love Experiment #312

Where will the Sonic Love Experiment take you?   

Let the music move you and follow your heart.

Sonic Love Experiment #312 Map & Resources

About CCT Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are fun, totally original audio experiences families can listen to together while exploring different Chicago neighborhoods. Each episode was commissioned by Chicago Children’s Theatre and created by a different local theater artist, resulting in a fun and educational new audio series that children and families can enjoy together, outdoors and safely, even over the winter months, while learning more about the beautiful city they live in.

So lace up your sneakers, pop in your ear buds, and take a guided walk through some of Chicago’s most distinctive neighborhoods. Each episode is under one hour and comes with an interactive map to guide families and classroom field trips on each bite-sized journey, plus photos of top tour highlights, vocabulary keys, recommended reading and song lists, and other fun, family activities.

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Before you start…we recommend you download this walking map and resources and review it first. You may also want to bring a bluetooth speaker or some wireless headphones so everyone in the family can listen together. We recommend listening to the podcast once before venturing out on your hike. There are lots of great resources included!

Sonic Love Experiment #312 Map & Resources

Lead Artist

Javid Music Party is the electro identity of Chicago’s own GQ of the Q Brothers.

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