Beatrix Potter & Friends

Based on the stories byBeatrix Potter
Created byWill Bishop, Lara Carling, Kay Kron, Grace Needlman, and Ray Rehberg
Directed byWill Bishop
Music written and performed byRay Rehberg
Performances byLara Carling and Kay Kron
Puppets designed and built byGrace Needlman
Costumes designed and built byIan Liberman
Based on the original designs byJillian Gryzlak
Scenery designed and built byWill Bishop
Lighting designed byBecca Jeffords
Sound designed byKevin O’Donnell
Filmed and edited byLiviu Pasare
Artistic Director, CCTJacqueline Russell
Runs Mar 22, 2021May 29, 2022
Now Available on TheatreWorks USA (create your account for free)
$20 Purchase includes a 48 Hour Rental and Study Guide for Families.
Available as a school virtual field trip experience, see details below.
Recommended for Grades Pre-K-3.

You are cordially invited to meet our friends Mrs. Tittlemouse, Jeremy Fischer, Simpkin the Cat and Peter Rabbit. Four adorable Beatrix Potter favorites come to life in this mesmerizing, interactive trunk and puppet show, complete with original music on mandolin, violin, toy piano, and banjo. Levers are pulled and cranks are turned to reveal images that surprise and delight. Our charming storytellers interweave the classic narration and guide gentle interactive moments, recruiting young watchers to join the adventure from the comfort of home.

This handmade, lovingly crafted piece is a popular annual favorite at Chicago Children’s Theatre. Over the past 5 years, Beatrix Potter & Friends has toured to schools, libraries, cultural institutions, and even to China. Over the summer of 2020, the show was re-imagined as a high-quality, made-for-film experience as part of a larger effort to continue serving our audiences despite the challenges of Covid-19. In October and November of 2020, the production was projected on a giant screen in CCT’s parkinglot as a drive-in theatre experience with extensive safety protocols and social distancing. Following a successful run and two extensions, we are pleased to share the video with schools and families.


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For Educators

Beatrix Potter & Friends is available as a virtual field trip experience for $5 or less per student. Each of the four stories is 12 minutes in length and includes a lesson plan for a 45-60 minute session focused on social-emotional learning. A mix of high-energy and thoughtful games and activities are intended to entertain students while providing the opportunity to identify emotions, practice acting on empathy, and connect as a classroom community. ‘Meet the Artists’ opportunities with members of the creative team are available as an add-on. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions to

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