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Subscriber perks and benefits:

• No-fee ticket exchange (Limited to one per title)
• 10% off additional tickets purchased
• Flexibility to choose your performance within each title before the general public
• 10% off total purchase at the CCT Gift Shop
• 10% off CCT Birthday Party rental fee
• 10% off all CCT classes
• 15% off all CCT camps (winter, spring, and summer)
• Special offers, discounts, and invitations to exclusive CCT events before the general public
• Discounts through participating CCT community partners as they come available

F.A.Qs about CCT Subscriptions and Packages:

→ Why is there a $15 processing fee for each subscription/package? We incur expenses for every package and single ticket sold. The one time $15 processing fee allows us to continue to provide an exceptional patron experience by implementing low-cost subscription packages while continuing to provide high-quality professional theatre in Chicago.

The fee also allows subscribers to exchange their ticket(s) (one per title) at no additional cost and gives you (our subscriber) access to many other perks and discounts.

→ How much are single tickets during the season? Ticket prices during the season vary depending on the show. During our 2019/20 season, ticket prices will be $20 – $55.

For example, some tickets cost between $35 – $55 plus fees, so by becoming a subscriber, you’re saving close to 57% instantly on one show.

→ If my child can sit on my lap, do I still have to buy a subscription or ticket? No! If your child is 18 months or under, we do not require you to buy a subscription or single ticket. However, your child must remain in your lap during the duration of the performance (if the performance doesn’t call for audience participation).

→ Your show says “Ideal For Ages 8 and Up”, but my child is mature for a 7-years-old, can they still come? Yes! You know your child better than we do. We recommend our shows based on age by research, author recommendation and the content of each show.