Hosted by CCT: Expressing Motherhood

Hosted by CCT: Expressing Motherhood

Nov 6 & 7

Box Office: 872-222-9555
Box Office Phone Hours:
9 AM – 1 PM on Monday-Friday

Or e-mail chicago@expressingmotherhood.com

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Expressing Motherhood is the hit, ongoing stage show that has been showcasing people sharing their stories about motherhood onstage since 2008. Since then, it was gone from Los Angeles to New York, Boston, Chicago and is headed to San Francisco, Souix Falls and back again.

The show is also on Spotify & watched at homes across the country via their DVDs and streamed shows.

The show was built for the non-famous and non-published, the person dying to get out and express themselves. The first person cast was a gay father.

The cast consists of around 10 people, each time the cast changes.

People submit their stories and local director/producers – here in Chicago it is Colleen O’Neill (@thewritecolleen) – choose the cast based on the power & diversity of the stories. No auditions. After editing some of the stories for the stage there is one rehearsal and then showtime!

This show has been very homespun since it’s beginning. The creators, Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs, originate from the Midwest and have built a large community where they now both reside in Los Angeles and across the country.

The communal, unique vibe of the show has struck a chord with moms, non-moms, dads, non-dads… the traditional and non-traditional, those that are not parents, but have a mom or their own story about motherhood that may even be a little different, as well as theater goers of all types.

Videos are available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8cp0dUDo7moP7kvdnNspw

This year, Chicago’s show is being held at the biggest theater we have played, so far, at the Ruth Page – thanks to our wonderful hosts Chicago Children’s Theatre. We also have our first kid performing an original piece – her own take on motherhood at just age 11.

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