Lara Carling

Lara Carling works as an actor, singer, puppeteer and voiceover artist in Chicago, and has been working with CCT for over five years as a performer and teaching artist. She devises and performs in the annual Beatrix Potter holiday show (now also a series of films), and has performed in The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show and numerous Red Kite productions. As a teacher, she enjoys helping kids to create their own puppets and stories at CCT’s camps and in its residency programs. Apart from CCT, she has worked with Lookingglass Theatre, Redmoon, (re)discover, Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, Rhinofest, Collaboraction, and Piven Theatre Workshop, and has shot two films with IdeaFarm. She received her formal acting training at Drama Centre London and the Boris Schukin Institute in Moscow.

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