Jasmin Cardenas

Jasmin Cardenas is an Actress, Arts Activist, professional Storyteller and lifelong Chicagoan. Working with children and young people is her passion and using theater to find solutions to real world problems is her joy. Devising plays with brilliant young people across the city gives her Hope. Jasmin has performed at The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesburough, TN, will be featured in 2021 and has toured across the United States from Portland, Oregon to NYC.  As a theater Actor and Director she has worked with many companies including Steppenwolf, Goodman, Lookingglass, Sojourn, Lifeline, Free Street, etc. Currently a Commissioned Playwright by 1st Stage Theater in Virginia she is working on a new solo show about working people. Jasmin is a mom and enjoyed collaborating with her two kids for this project. My loves, Mateo & Catalina send you all a warm Hello!

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