Where We Overlap: A Creative Workshop for All Women

Date: Aug 21, 2021

Ages 10-110
Saturday, August 21 from 1PM-4PM at CCT, 100 S Racine Ave

In this afternoon workshop, Holly Mandel brings family members who use she/her pronouns together across generations and backgrounds to share experiences and insights, learn from one another, and discover commonality that lies underneath us all as women. This improv workshop, which invites non-performers and performers alike, will be used to play, collaborate, and offer a shared language for the afternoon. It’s a fun, engaging, and energizing way to connect and bond. Together, we will strengthen the free, fearless, and self-directed part of ourselves while learning to catch the “good girl” when she pipes up.

NOTE: this workshop is open to all grandmothers, mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, friends, and young women who use she/her pronouns ages 10 to 110.

Holly Mandel has spent decades working with women and girls, teaching them improv and learning all about the “Good Girl” – the part of us that often unconsciously obeys the rules & roles we have been handed – and what lies beyond her! She has worked with Comedy Central, Walt Disney Studios, and ABC Television and is a GROUNDLING performer, director and teacher as well as founder of her own improv and sketch school in NYC – Improvolution. More about Holly Mandel here.

One ticket will need to be purchased for each participant. If you are interested in attending, but require tuition assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dexter at dexter@chicagochildrenstheatre.org.

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