Play at Home Classes

During this difficult time when many students aren’t in school, Chicago Children’s Theatre is encouraging children and families to stay home and join in on one of our many Play at Home Classes!

We’ll upload new videos daily and weekly for kids. You’ll know when there’s a new class when there’s a button that says Take Class. We’ll also be offering a variety of live and interactive classes via Zoom.

Some of our classes are offered as a series, with multiple meetings per class. For these, please note that all classes must be attended. 

Streaming Now

Bubble Jams with Nick Villalon
Ideal for Ages 0 – 3

It’s music! It’s dancing! It’s fun! An online interactive experience for you and your child. Listen to music, hear exciting stories, and dance with your little one all from the comfort of your home.

Improv Games with Abby Thompson
Ideal for Ages 5 – 8

Grab a partner, clear out some space in your house, and join Ms. Abby for lots of movement and fun games to play with your family while you’re stuck indoors.

Make Your Own Mask with Caleigh Havansek
Ideal for Ages 3 – 7

Make your own masks out of the ordinary supplies around your house (paper plates, tinfoil, newspaper, markers) and then use the mask to portray a full-body character! Instructions for how to make animal masks, robot masks, alien masks, and people.

Collage a Dream Oasis with Caleigh Havensak
Ideal for Ages 3 and Up

Wish you were somewhere besides home right now? Pick a destination to create a collaged landscape. Learn how to turn paper scraps, newspaper and magazine clippings, old political ads, or any other pieces laying around into a beautiful landscape.

Bonus activity: Write a story that takes place in this location!

Coming Soon

BeatBox for Tots with Yuri Lane
Ideal for Ages 0 – 4

Using vocal percussion, students learn new ways to communicate with their voices through the art of beatboxing. We’ll gain knowledge of phonetics and begin articulating in this specialized class taught by renowned Beatboxer, Yuri Lane. Fun fact—neuroscientists believe that beatboxing can help develop cognitive ability. Yuri will be posting short videos over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to catch them all!

Kid Yoga with Erin Sheets

Grab your towel, a water bottle, and join us for a kid-friendly yoga class! In this online venture, kids will get active at home while using their imaginations.