“I think this program was the highlight of the school year for many of them. I hope we get a chance to be a part of this fantastic program again next year.” – Laura Ward Elementary

A rising ­national ­leader in education programming, a Chicago Children’s Theatre Classroom Residency offers ­educators the tools and resources to address some of the most pressing issues facing young people today. The latest CCT Classroom Residencies focus on the themes of ­HOPE, WONDER, & ­IMAGINATION. CCT teaching artists will work closely with students and teachers on a custom curriculum resulting a unique theatrical project and experience.

Teeny Tales
Recommended Age 3 – Kindergarten
Epic tales on a tiny scale! Dive into fairy tales, myths, legends, and so much more as master storytellers bring stories to life for your little ones. This class uses puppets, song, and movement to engage in storytelling.

Hip Hop 4 Tots
Recommended Age 3 – Kindergarten
Your child will learn to communicate in a new way through beatboxing: making sounds through voice and body. Children will learn new ways to use their bodies to participate in creative play while engaging with stellar musical talent in this popular class.

Hip Hop and Rock Alice
Recommended Grades 1 – 3
Children use the literary framework of Alice in Wonderland, rock, and hip hop to write a mini-musical that shares hope, wonder, and imagination. In this acting class, students will use pre-written song and help write and devise their own text for the performance. The final product is either a hip hop or rock song and two original scenes, written by the students!

Lanterns Parade
Recommended Grades 1 – 3
This S.T.E.A.M. residency focuses on engineering and craft through the construction of paper lanterns. We incorporate theatre into this residency with storytelling through movement and song. The final result is a parade that includes musical procession and handmade lanterns.

These artistically stimulating class models allows your students to have authorship over their story and the values that it holds. Chicago Children’s Theatre ­residencies provide a ­meaningful opportunity for education and interaction that culminates in a beautiful and ­inventive art piece that is exciting for both students and community.

The robust curricula will focus on topics including:

  • Productive Communication
  • Civic Engagement
  • Shared connections and overcoming perceptions
  • Inclusivity in the classroom and beyond
  • Allowing for self-reflection
  • Celebrating differences

To learn more about Chicago Children’s Theatre Classroom Residencies and bring one to your school, please contact Dexter Ellis, Education Associate and Residency Coordinator, at dexter@chicagochildrenstheatre.org.

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