Access Performances

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Access Performances

To continue our commitment to serving all children, CCT offers a variety of access performances for each production. While the integrity of the performance remains the same, certain production elements like lighting and sound are modified in an appropriate way to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone.

Sensory Friendly
Tailored exclusively for guests on the autism spectrum, CCT makes sensory modifications to production elements like lighting, sound, and music in an effort to avoid sensory overload. We offer a quiet room, separated completely from the performance that includes simple activity stations and trained staff. We designate a family-bathroom nearby. And all cast and crew are prepped before the performance, creating a safe, welcoming environment for everyone to experience the show in their own way. There’s no wrong way to see a sensory-friendly show! Information about the current season is coming soon!.


ASL Interpretations and Open Captioning
For guests who are Deaf or hard of hearing, all dialogue and lyrics are translated by professional interpreters into American Sign Language. The performance and production elements are unchanged. Additionally, all CCT productions are presented with open captions for our guests.


Touch Tours
For guests who are blind or have low vision, we offer guided tours of the production pre or post show. This allows for a deeper connection and understanding of the performance. Children and adults alike are allowed to touch portions of the scenery, props, and costumes while also meeting the cast and listening to them describe their characters and appearance. An Audio Describer will also be available throughout the performance. CCT also offers the option to bring the tour to the group before or after visiting the theatre. The performance itself remains unchanged.

Click here to take a look at the highlights from our most recent touch-tour.

When purchasing tickets for an accessible performance, please indicate that you are interested in the service that’s being offered. That way we will be able to give you the best possible experience and assistance.

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If you need any additional information on accessibility from Chicago Children’s Theatre, please email our Access & Inclusion Department.